Uhm, right, great. So after 3 days of struggling with the photo upload this is what it lets through? A bad quality crop-out? And just because, unlike what I actually want to upload, it’s only 948 KB (even though it says clearly that “maximum upload size: 1 GB!”)? Is this fair, I ask!

Me unhappy…

But the first battle has been won, the chink in the implacable wall of Upload Castle has been made, the proof has been gained that – yes! – it’s not my lack of computer savvy, it’s the connection’s fault!

And thus the war for the visual improvement of the blog continues. Great deeds shall be done and victory shall be ours.

PS: Okay, okay, since we’re at it: the photo was taken on the way out of the Hangzhou Botanical Garden and shows part of a group of Chinese people enjoying a lively conversation, a game of mahjong and some tea and snacks in one of the tea-houses.