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As I said, I’m doing my best to publish all these photos that are piling up on my desktop. I spent the day cycling round the city to check out coffee houses with wi-fi and see if their connections are better than the one at home, but still nothing. One venue turned out to have closed down 2 weeks ago (sadly, as they were supposed to have very cheap and tasty food), another one – if the prices were cheaper it would definitely become my favourite hang out so far. Great deco, very nice feel – I’ll show you some pictu… um, yeah, right… 

Anyway. I managed to upload another small file. Doesn’t really have anything to do with China, Hangzhou or anything, but I thought it was such a cool thing for all of you IPhone users that it was worth sharing. It’s a little app… wait, can’t believe I’ve just used this word. What’s wrong with “applications”? Soon we’ll be abbrev. evrthng. Complic. vocab. can cause brain dam. Never mind. It’s called Paper Camera and it changes photos so they look like drawings. Awesome, eh?

It’s a pretty useless information for someone who, like me, has a 10-year-old scratched Nokia with a screen that falls out and disabled photos – but then not everyone is such a phone snob as I am. Enjoy!

Meanwhile, the battle for Successful Upload continues…