No, nothing that would make an inappropriate posting.

Instead, I hiked. A lot. And since the Insert Photo button likes me today, I’m hurrying to post some pictures from one of the treks. The area where we went is actually in the middle of the city. There are a few hills with temples, pagodas, some trails and a very nice botanical garden. Too bad the smog seriously curbs the visibility, otherwise the views would be brilliant. Anyway, the place still makes for a nice and quiet-ish walk, if you exclude the mp3-less men parading around with little radios blasting Chinese opera. And in case you get up and go there at the break of dawn to enjoy some solitude… Well, imagine this. It’s 9 in the morning, the gentle sun is kissing the treetops, the bustle of the city far below you and all but forgotten. You scramble up to the top, red-faced and puffy, ready to embrace the sense of achievement after the hike – only to find some oldies playing poker. Yes. You’ve just been out-bad-assed by a bunch of Chinese octogenarians.