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On a hilltop




I think I mentioned in the post on kids that Chinese people possess the amazing gift of being able to fall sleep anywhere, anytime. I’m quite jealous. It takes a lot of confidence not to be embarrassed about sleeping in a public space (buses and trains excluded). Of course there’s the fear of your belongings being ‘magically’ spirited away, but also the moment of sleep is when people are at their most vulnerable: has my jaw dropped? Am I drooling? Are people staring? Is there a foreigner taking photos of me? They just don’t bother with it, and good for them.

It also means that their power naps are usually much more effective: they just close their eyes and BAM! – snore, snoorre, snooorrreee… My power naps tend to take up to four two hours and involve a lot of help like cups of tea, books, nice blankets, a cat on my feet. They’re more like full-blown siestas than power naps. Once in that dreamland I’m always loath to leave it…

Anyway, to prove my point: the top picture is of a man who apparently took the trouble of climbing a hill for an hour in order to have a lie-down. The bottom one was taken in a park. Still have to take a photo of the colonies of people making their bedrooms out of the pavements in front of department stores.