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Moments like this always make me glad that I have my camera on me. I’ve actually started using it as a key-ring (yes, a key-ring!) to make sure I don’t get lazy and always take it with me. It can be a bit cumbersome at times, but usually it pays off. Like here.

I bumped into this little antique market one day when I chose to cycle home down a slightly different route. It was just an offhanded thought: ‘why don’t I take this little lane today?’. And this is what I found! Not so much a market as a street corner, and not so much antiques as suspiciously looking memorabilia, but never mind. I couldn’t stay long, but I’m glad I discovered this quiet mysterious spot and will revisit it some day. Once again I find that the second you take the trouble to go just a bit out of your usual way, you’re going to be rewarded with a nice surprise.