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UPDATE: Can you tell me if you can see the pictures now? If yes, then I’ve found a new way to insert them (easy-peasy: open the blog in two separate tabs, go to “insert image”, open “media library” in one tab and “from URL” in the other, copy the URL from the media library to the URL window and there you go! Ok, since the vpn is miraculously working, let’s just do it and press “update”… oooooh noooooooo, disconnected again!!! (an hour two days three days six days later) oh, connected again, quickly, let’s get on with it! 

Ok, so eeeeveryone always wants to know about food. Is there any more delicious topic in the world? Of course there isn’t! So here goes, something to make your salivary glands get working.

The pictures in this post were taken during a meal in a Dong-Bei restaurant (Dong-Bei: the north-eastern area of China. The food from that region relies more heavily on wheat products such as noodles and buns, and also pickles, such as – yes, yes! – pickled cabbage! Why hello, my darling!), after a hike in the botanical garden a few weeks ago. This was, up till today, the best meal I’ve had here.

Some mushrooms fried with eggs (second plan: shredded pork with chilli pepper, third plan: pork fried in batter – that one was indecently good!):

Broccoli with another type of mushrooms and (of course!) garlic:

Eggplant with onion, pepper and young beans – you can NEVER go wrong with eggplant (sorry for the bad quality, I was in a hurry):

Mhm, I can just see all of you meat-eaters complaining: where are the photos of the red-braised pork? Where are the dumplings? Well, the problem with taking shots of food when you’re having a meal with a bunch of hungry people is… you don’t really choose what you’re shooting. You know that every second you waste on your precious camera means less grub on the table.

So sue me… But I’ll still opt for survival.

PS: Being crazily tired but excited makes you think really well. I’ve just had an epiphany re: how to insert the photos more quickly. I simply need to put them into my dropbox (which I’ve literally never used before) and then copy the link to the url address instead of uploading directly from my computer! It’s probably quite obvious for most of you tech-savvy people, but I – I feel like a genius! <cartwheels, somersaults, fireworks and rainbows in the background>

UPDATE: Don’t feel like a genius anymore at all… Why are you doing this to me, internet, why?