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Guys, this is just to warn you and apologise in advance.

I’ve been experiencing problems with my vpn. Seems like they might have something to do with the weather (the same thing happened the last time when it changed), and since winter is on the way, I expect that this sort of thing will be happening all the time over the next few months (that’s what living in accordance to Mother Nature means in the digital era). So now it’s not even about inserting photos anymore, it’s about reaching the blog at all.

After the last post and the Dropbox fiasco on Sunday I stayed up till 5 am, doing all I could to fix the problem and post the photos (doing all I could = clicking on all the possible ways of uploading time after time and watching them fail). In the end I gave up and went to bed. Two hours later (I know it, because I was woken up by my flatmate leaving for work) it turned cloudy, windy and rainy. When I finally got up, the connection was good, but the vpn in its turn was absolutely refusing to cooperate. So once again: I spent most of the day doing all I could to fix it (doing all I could = clicking on the ‘connect’ button time after time, cursing in my head: ‘connect, you bloody *&@$#&^)@^! Strange that it should fail…). Finally about midnight, just as I was giving up hope and preparing for sleep – it connected. Praise the Lord! …But then the internet started playing up… So one more time: two hours of my precious sleep wasted on endless clicking. I also tried another way of inserting photos (via Photobucket – thanks for the tip, Graham!). Needless to say, it didn’t work. The website can upload photos to all pages like Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and 10 others. The only one it didn’t have was WordPress. I tried the HTML code and the Flash code links as well as simply copying the URL address – all for nothing. I’m starting to think it’s a conspiracy.

So here I am. It’s Tuesday morning, it’s stopped raining, the vpn is working and the photo fight continues.

If in the near future I go awol, stop posting and replying to comments etc., please know that it’s not for the lack of trying. I’m either clicking away – or my head has exploded and is decorating the walls.

Yours, truly,

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