Do you know Imogen Heap?

She’s in Hangzhou right now, doing some sort of Arts Programme and recording her new album inspired by China.

So I’m sitting at home today, after a whole day of being diligent and intellectual in the library (not on purpose. I thought I was supposed to have classes in the morning), just chilling, and suddenly at about 10.30 pm I get a text message:

Friend: “I really should’ve invited you to this thing I’m at right now”.

Me: “Really? What thing?”

Friend: “You know Imogen Heap?”

Me: “Yeees. Are you telling me you’re at a gig right now?!” (subtext: “may my vengeance follow you into the next life, you fiend!”)

Friend: “No, we’re just hanging out, brainstorming about her new album in X’s house.”

Say WHAT?!

…And he just couldn’t have waited with inflicting this on me till the next time he saw me…

PS: Okay, okay, so what if I only learned about her 3 days ago? From my roommate who has a student who is a violin player and is going to be Imogen’s back up. It just seems unfair that suddenly everyone except me gets to meet her!

PS2: Right, now I’ve actually checked out some of her songs (YouTube as always infallible) and they are pretty awesome. But even if they weren’t – could anyone not want to meet a person named Imogen?

PS3: I’ve got a bit carried away with all the ‘VPN’s back’ excitement. I’m stopping now. I actually have some work to do. Real work, mind you! And real clothes to put on, I’ve posted these last three posts decked out in my dingy towel. Yes, I’m a slave of internet…