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This young lady walked past me one morning as I was sitting on my bike and waiting for the lights to change. It was only a day or two after I had taken the photo of the two girls which I posted recently. When I saw her delicate dusty pink skirt, I was struck by the contrast between her outfit and that from the other picture, even though the colour premise – pink and black – was in principle the same. For some mysterious reason I felt very taken by the simplicity, the put-togetherness and the subtle details of her look (the heavy shoes give her just that little bit of spunk!). All this pondering happened within about 3 seconds. “I really should take a photo of her”, I thought suddenly – so as the lights changed and people around me started moving forward, I jumped off my bike, dragged it onto the pavement and ran after her.

This, in short, was the moment when I turned 180 degrees around, let go of my original idea (which was basically to have a laugh at some poor dressers’ expense) and decided to do something much more real and interesting. I hope you’ll like it!