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Two of my flatmates are in Hangzhou to do a sort of internship. They work for a company that sends them to inspect different factories. Sometimes they bring home souvenirs. Like this one:

The green goo inside – when you squish it, it makes sounds of flatulence. ‘Someone actually has a whole factory for producing this?’ – I thought with exasperation when I saw it. But guess what: it’s a huge hit with whoever comes over. I have so much to learn about the human nature…

Another time they brought a kilo of supposedly ecological broccoli that got completely defrosted by the time they came home. And they don’t even like broccoli, so (ever faithful to the principle that food must not be wasted, instilled in me during my late-Communist era childhood) I ended up gorging on it for the next two days. Unlike the boys, I like my greens.

But I still don’t quite understand how doing a degree in engineering would qualify one to inspect broccoli…