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Do you remember the weird wedding clothes and the monstrous green dress I showed you some time ago? The shop where I saw them seems to have made it its business to be the trailblazer of unwearable sartorial items. Another wedding monstrosity I saw there was this:

I think it’s quite obvious that someone’s been watching too many Disney-princess movies or enjoys the aesthetics of kitsch. The dress above must have been their pet model, because after some very minor alterations… they decided to produce it in this colour as well:

I’m sorry, but there is simply no possible explanation for this dress. It’s absolutely hideous. It should never have been made. It is a dress that makes you want to relinquish all clothing and go around naked just so you can avoid all associations with this vile piece. This dress is inexcusable.

…No, my apologies, I take it back. It does actually have one raison d’être: to improve my neglected stomach muscles by making me (literally) laugh out loud every time I pass it.