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Last Saturday there was a total lunar eclipse. Here in Hangzhou we were lucky enough not only to be in the right geographical position, but also to have a perfect cloudless night. And I personally was lucky to be sitting in a pub where someone told me about the thing five minutes before it happened, otherwise I would have missed it completely.

So a few of us went outside and spent a pleasant half an hour chatting and straining out necks. One of my friends was on the phone with some girl, trying to make her go out and have a look:

‘It means that the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon. Yes, the moon is disappearing. Yes, it’s still going on, you have a few minutes before the peak, but you should hurry up and go out now… Where is it? I don’t know, north-east, I guess. …Yes, in the sky!’

Meanwhile my camera was either sitting on a bench propped on a bike lamp (in lieu of a tripod) or inside my coat, as the cold seemed to be affecting it. These are the results. For the model I have (Canon PowerShot G6) – and my complete lack of understanding of its technical possibilities – I must say I’m quite proud of the effects.