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The last post was inspired by an article in the Cookie World magazine. It was longish, I know, but I’m still not done with it. I’ll use it once more as an example of the very bad editorial tendency that seems to be prevailing in Chinese magazines. Basically you write the articles in Chinese – and then you head them with English titles. The problem is the y usually can’t be bothered to pay a few bucks to someone who’ll make any sense of it at all. And this is what it leads to:

This one, I think, is sort of self-explaining, but still…

This one says (loose translation): The art of romantic textiles – warm and happy home.

A bit redundant, maybe?

…Or, in other words: give your child a happy childhood.

Or: the walking diaries.  (Yes, mark that baby – if it can’t walk through the room, no nursing today!)

Also self-explanatory, but the grammar, people, the grammar!

Or: how to cope with your child’s stinginess?

Ok, this one just kills me. The title basically says: a cultivated/cultured Mum means a smart baby. Where in the world did they get the word “diathesis” from?!

Or: cultivating a child’s kindness. Can you breed them on a farm, like? For commercial purposes?

And my personal favourite: how to make sure your baby gets all the fats it needs?

To summarise: I had a good time leafing through this magazine. And incidentally: have you noticed that all the cute babies, mummies and daddies are white? Congratulations for discriminating against yourselves, peeps.