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I know it’s stretching your patience a bit, posting 3 things in one hour, but I haven’t written a lot lately, have I? And I don’t expect I will in the next couple of days, so I just want to stay on the right side of statistics. It’s the last one for now, I promise.

I glimpsed this lady one night and just had to take a snap. Once again, the old combo: animal print plus shocking pink. And her faux teddy-bear phone protection! But obviously the crazy hair is the real killer.

You’ll think I’m high on cough syrup, but in a weird way I loved her look. She just had the attitude to carry it off, completely wacky. She looks like a crazy librarian on a night out.

Also – didn’t notice it at the time, only now when I’m looking at the photo – it’s interesting to see the difference between her and her boyfriend; their clothes, their expressions, their postures. She – completely over the top and crazy. He – Stone Face. Funny how pictures can bring these things out.