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Sometimes it’s difficult to notice the small changes that are right in front of you, especially if you’re not looking for them. Still, some of you might have noticed that as of today the name of my blog is a bit different. Dragon Hole became Dragon Well.

Why? You see, Down The Dragon Hole was originally supposed to be a pun on Down The Rabbit Hole from Alice in Wonderland. It seemed to work quite well: you’ve got the sense of unexpected randomness plus a reference to the local speciality, which is the Dragon Well tea. I though it was rather clever, wouldn’t you agree?

Well. As soon as I got the name, a friend of mine (yes, you know who you are!) started taking the mickey out of me about its supposed perversity. Okay, fine. I agree there’s a… erm… a rather colourful meaning to the phrase ‘dragon hole’ (which I was not necessarily aware of at the time – but I very quickly became so!)… but as no one but him seemed to take notice, I assumed it must be quite obscure and didn’t bother.

Now, after half a year of constant jibes, I’ve finally cracked. What if, let’s say, at a certain point in my life it will be useful for me to enclose a link to this blog in a formal letter? What if – God forbid! – the addressee will be familiar with the phrase? And maybe this is the reason why more people aren’t flocking here? Do I want to be known in the blogging community as the Weird Sex Blogger? Do I want parents to keep their children away from my (mostly) innocent posts?

So… Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you “Down The Dragon Well”. There. Are you happy now, You-Know-Who?!

A few images from the actual Dragon Well area...

We were really lucky with the weather that day!

Tea bushes as far as the eye can see...

What with all my gripes... I have to say that autumn here was pretty spectacular this year...

The ACTUAL legendary Dragon Well. Hmm. A bit of a disappointment after all that hullabaloo about it...!