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I know, no one cares for my effusions over pretty Australian flowers, pretty Australian houses, pretty Australian cakes, pretty Australian men… erm… ignore the last one, folks…

All everyone ever wants is: kangaroos!

And no, I haven’t seen one (except for – sorry for sordidness, but it’s true – the ones run over by cars, and there’s not a small number of them, little suicidal jaywalkers…), but I’ve seen some other colourful critters like….

The Tasmanian Devil! I thought they were quite cute, why would anyone call them devils? And then you see them fighting over a scruff of meat and you have an inkling… I’d show you a recording if my blog format supported avi files…

Baby devils before lunch time

There were also quolls… What’s a quoll? Well, all you need to know about them is that they’re cute marsupials and look like this:

And there were parrots…

And Kermit Owls (no, really, that’s the name)…

And falcons…

And a lot of other tricky birds, but then my battery died on me.

(All these pictures were taken in a Tasmanian Devil Asylum – poor little devils have to be protected now, because they were almost wiped out by some mysterious illness a few years ago – where orphaned birds are also taken care of.)

And then one day I decided to just chill out on a beach, so I asked for directions and set out on a long walk… and then ended up walking for about 6 or 7 hours with no sight of a swimmable shore, just because I decided to get off the road and walk along the beach – and it turned out that the beach veered of and became a sort of peninsula, whereas the actual beach where I wanted to get was right there, at the end of the road, which kept going straight… To cut the long story short, there I was, in the middle of a dry forest, with sore feet and no water, because for once my bottle decided to leak (and in Australia you’re not supposed to go off gallivanting without liquids), when suddenly I saw a movement… and there it was, staring right at me (can you spot it between the trees?):

…A real wild wallaby! Which for non-Australians is practically the same as a kangaroo, so there, are you satisfied?

And, last but not least… The Cat. Okay, so not exactly an oriental creature, but it was amazing, I’m telling you.