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A few quick photos from a walk taken about 10 weeks ago around the New Civic Centre of Hangzhou. It’s a new investment by the city, not quite yet finished, but definitely worth a look, so I’ll probably be back when the weather finally clears up (will it ever? It SNOWED in the morning!) and take some real pics (we only had time for a quick round before we had to drop some friends off to the railway station, so didn’t even see everything from close-up and definitely didn’t have time for photo-taking. Anyway, the battery started dying on me, as usual).

The highlights were:

1) The International Convention Centre, meant to look like the Sun

2) A look at the inside from the top floor. Yes, they did their best with the design, but everything is marred by the colour scheme resembling cheap family hotels where I spent my holidays in the good old days of the People’s Republic of Poland… On the good side, though: there was going to be a wedding reception on the ground floor and there was a team building – yes, yes, not joking – a flippin’ GINGERBREAD HOUSE! Seeing my Puss’n’Boots TM Expression* and the dribble all over my face, some of the CCs (Confectionery Constructors) smiled sympathetically and said: “Okay, all right, you can have some…” And it was good!

3) The Grand Theatre, meant to look like the Moon (with a Pearl)…

4) And the entrance to the Museum of City Planning, which was actually quite nice. Oh, that Formulated Quality of Life…

5) And the slogan board changes to teach us the somewhat whimsical wisdom of Aristotle…:

What they mean, of course, is that “The reason people move to cities is to have a better life”.

*Puss’n’Boots TM Expression. I know you know it, but… c’mon, let’s have it one more time!