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I’ve been seeing this all the time, everywhere, ever since I arrived. One night I saw this lady and, having my camera with me, gathered up the courage to go over and ask if I could take a photo.

Me: Sooo… Could I? Because I’d like to show the people back home what people wear here… And I think your outfit is very… erm… interesting

Her: You mean back home people wouldn’t go out in their PJ’s?

Me: Erm… Yeah.

That was sometime in October. And afterwards winter kicked in and everyone started producing the cold-weather version:

I’m actually still in two minds about it. On one hand: yes, it’s not too attractive. And the air here is really dirty, so I don’t know if I’d like to go to bed in something I’ve just been wearing outside (or maybe these are their daytime, outdoor PJ’s? Who knows?). But then on the other hand… isn’t it nice that they just don’t care?

PS: And here’s the big surprise: seems like someone in the haute couture spent their holiday in China and got inspired, because apparently it’s the new hot trend! So here I am, laughing at it, when in about three months it’ll be all over the streets everywhere, only upgraded to silks and satin… Actually I really hate the idea. It’s one thing to wear it because it’s comfy and you can’t be bothered, and quite another to make it into an uppity fashion statement. Yuck.