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It’s not just the vpn that’s rebelling now – it’s our internet at home. I’m using my spell in a bar to get them both working. While frantically thinking what to post about before they both kiss me goodbye, I thought it was high time to go back to my pictures from Australia (yup, plenty of them left – at least 3 more posts ahead!).

A bridge built by Irish prisoners using traditional Irish techniques: no bricks, no mortar, no anything, just stones.

No one knows exactly where the spiky bits came from. One of the theories says someone just thought it would look cool.

This week’s subject: Tasmania! I’ve decided the optimal option would be to take two organised trips (have I betrayed my reputation of an adventurous traveller? Pardon me…) and ended up having a great time with a very well-informed driver-guide and a bunch of other people.

A stalwart eucalyptus growing literally out of pure rock.

Not sure if I got it right, but apparently shedding these long bits of bark is the eucalyptus' way of spreading. The bark is very flammable, so there's a fire, the ashes get blown with the wind and because the tree is so resilient the cells can survive and germinate out of the cinder in a whole new place. Does this make any sense or have I mixed it up completely...?

The first trip was to the Freycinet National Park (just checked on the map and finally know how to spell it, because the pronunciation is just weird). Heaps of cool rocks around!

Kind of sci-fi ish eh?

And then we had the most brilliant lunch break in a little cove and I finally got to swim… ah, that turqoise limpid water (wistful sigh of nostalgia)…

But the high point of the day for this ice-cream fiend was a stopover at an organic berry farm where they had home-made ice-creams. They might have been the most expensive ones I’ve ever head – but well worth it… Sorry, no pictures, I was too busy tucking in. Instead, enjoy two more photos of the nature. That’s probably better for your moral spine.

That’s not all from Tassie – there’s more to come, only it was too much for one post. Sorry for the lack of structure and overall chaos, but I’m really just trying to fit in a post before the vpn performs a digital equivalent of throwing its faeces at me…