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Huh! It’s 46 minutes past midnight and I’m knackered after an exciting and beautiful day (more about this later, when I sort out the photos). But just before putting my computer away for the night I made an experiment which confirmed my hidden suspicions: I pressed the “connect” button on my vpn and waited to see if it would obey for once – at the least appropriate moment when I’d really prefer to sleep than to be posting. It did. That proves it: digital devices are little vicious stinkers that hate me. But there’s nothing to be done about it, so here I am*.

The weather has turned so great last week that the last thing anyone wants to do is to rot at home, so last Sunday I went on a bike ride to the New Civic Centre down by the river to get some sunshine and photos. Turns out it’s the perfect place for a day like this: being far from the older, “real” part of Hangzhou around the lake, it’s also emptier and quieter, but not as quiet as to feel deserted and creepy. People that come here are locals rather than tourists, so they mind their own business and just chill out. On that particular day it seemed like all the families wanted to air their kites after winter; the whole sky was full of bats, octopuses, planes and other flighty creatures! I was very jealous. Do you know that I’ve never flown a kite in my entire life? I like watching them, though: there’s a beauty and grace in those fluttering bits of sticks and plastic that reminds me of butterflies. Maybe I should finally give it a go myself?

Yellow and blue. I hesitated about posting this photo as it's not very great, but then the colours are so vibrant!

Flapping in the air so quickly you can't always catch them

Old and young alike – kites in the air

Look at this little one, trying to figure out what happened – kites on the ground

One soaring, one hanging

And my absolute favourite: The Flying Octopus!

* Kidding. I was dying to share some of the pictures with you. I only hope I’ll be able to do it more often these days, as I’ve plenty of stuff to show and there’ll be even more to come!