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As I mentioned in the last post (yes, the one from a few seconds ago), I recently went to the New Civic Centre, about which I wrote some time ago. I promised better photos then, so – here they are! Prepare for an architectural overload!

New fancy apartment blocks in the new part of the city

The Sun Conference Centre and The Moon Opera House looming behind a riverside park

The Sun from closer up

From what I understand THAT is the actual New Civic Centre...

Detail of The Moon (if you're wondering why there's something sticking out from our satellite – it's supposed to be a pearl). I love the reflection of the light from the pond!

On the lawn around The Moon Opera House there are some sculptures:

This one is called something like "A Girl Playing On A Traditional Drum"... Is it just me, or does anyone else see "A Half–Naked Chick Posing Provocatively, Representing The Artist's Fixation On Large Bottoms"?

This one is called "Towards The Heart" and symbolises a flower; its change as it grows and fades, the constant play of light on its petals at it moves in the breeze...

And finally, a view from the main terrace called The City Balcony over to the other side of the Qiantang River (you do understand it’s not really that blue, don’t you? More like… murky…):