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The fact that it’s getting warmer entails two things:

1. There’ll be more fresh and cheap fruit. As a committed fruit-fiend I’m impatiently rubbing my hands. Yes, the strawberries here are twice as expensive and half as good as back home, but on the other hand: all those mangos! All those melons, pomelos and papayas – yes, I still love papayas even though they disappointed me bitterly when I lived in Taiwan. People there believe that a big intake of papayas leads to an increase in bra size. …All I can tell you is: it’s a bloody lie. A lie, I tell you!

2. The cockroaches are starting to wake up, forcing us to start putting all fresh produce in the fridge again. What’s wrong with that, you’ll ask? Nothing at all. Only our fridge tends to get overeager and most of the time freezes things instead of simply cooling them. My morning coffee-making became a ritual consisting of the following steps: a) making the coffee, b) taking the milk carton out of the fridge, c) repeatedly stabbing at the frozen milk in the carton in order to release it, d) upending the carton with the crushed milk over the coffee mug and plonking the milk cubes inside, e) putting the mug in the microwave to warm up the coffee with icy milk while simultaneously cleaning up the mess after the stabbing and the plonking. Ummmm…. Yummy…

Anyway, we’re facing a choice between eating a lot of frozen foods or eating a lot of soon-to-be-not-so-fresh foods on which the cockroaches will be having a field day – every day.

In the meantime: I give you, straight from our fridge, the world’s first stone-hard hitting device in the form of fruit. Ladies and Gentlemen: The Self-Defence Papaya!