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Hefang is a little old-style street with shops selling everything from traditional Chinese gowns to Hello Kitty mascots – in other words, your typical tourist trap, but still well worth a visit.

Children's Buddha at the entrance to the street

Everyone wants a photo in front of it, especially if they're with kids. Don't you just love this little fella's face?

Inside a gallery: a new installation. Looks like the goddess Nike.

Okay, not pretty, not interesting, but still cracks me up. "Business is very good". AND he founded the shops!

From an exhibition in the same gallery: organic pottery forms.

From the same artist: golden water plants

A detail of another Children's Buddha.

On the way out: detail of the entrance

Inside a Random Colourful Stuff Shop

Why shouldn't there be a special chopstick shop? It's just like cutlery shops back home. But it still made me smile: I thought it was just one step away from having a dedicated toothpicks shop! (Incidentally: now you know exactly when this was taken)

An artisan decorating plates

Revolution still alive and kicking...

And the entrance (this one was actually taken a bit earlier, as evidenced by the clothes)

That’s all for now, folks. Didn’t take more, because – yet again – the battery in my camera died. Have I been using this excuse too much? You must think I’m some kind of muddle-head that forgets to charge. The fact is that I could use another set, but it’s an old camera that needs special batteries which are difficult to find now and therefore expensive. Being so old and not terribly good – it’s really not worth the cost. And when I carry it around in my bag it will sometimes turn itself on – and then run out of energy just when I need it… Anyway, I’ve learned my lessons now: always charge before going out and make sure it’s turned off when I’m not using it, so hopefully there won’t be any more fails like this. Ciao!