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There’s been a lot of posting about the weather, flowers, spring etc. lately – more will come on this subject, but in the meantime I think it’s good not to cloy you with those colourful images and to post a few shorts about other stuff.

So, for now, let’s see how Chinese students of the Arts Academy dress. The first two pictures were taken during the students’ exhibition and the third one randomly while leaving the building.

The third lady’s hair: I don’t know if it’s just died or if it’s an actual wig, but I think it looks both awesome and slightly scary… Anyway, I’ve a feeling that back home the third look would probably be more associated with the artsy and strange crowd from the Fine Arts Academy, while the first two would be more typical of departments like philosophy or linguistics. Here the arts students tend to dress more… I don’t know how to put it – tomboyishly? Pink and frills are the domain of more mainstream girls on the look-out (think Legally Blonde). In fact I seem to recall this lady saying that she’s not from our uni… Anyway. Never mind.