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Ok, my dears, I give up. Yesterday I spent about two hours inserting photos into a nice long post. Ever since then I’ve been obsessively clicking that “Publish” button (still at it even as I’m writing these words) – to no avail. Our connection refuses to let through the massive number of photos that is 20 or, alternately, tells me there’s something wrong with my spell-check (nothing wrong with my spelling, though – why do I even bother!). So even though I’d prepared such a nice post for you, I have to put it away for later and come up with something on the spot. So, just because it’s 1 AM after a tiring day and it’s Easter and I can’t be thinking about witty stories to tell you and the photo’s pretty and I don’t have anywhere else to put it but still want to share it… Here it is: the picture of the day, taken months ago in front of the Fine Arts Museum.

Happy Easter! I’ve had a taste of home here in the form of a cake, some cheese and a Polish sausage – everything thanks to the courtesy of my darling Mother of All Mothers. Very happy and hope you can say the same (the happy thing, not the cake-cheese-sausage thing, unless you fancy it). And a tiny teaser: spring should be an exciting time for blogging, because suddenly there’s a lot of very interesting stuff going on around. Looking forward to it a lot!

(Update: big surprise, even this tiny little baby of a post is having trouble getting through… sigh… Now I’ve got two “Publish” buttons to click on. How delightful! But – in the immortal words of Colin Firth as Mr Darcy – I will conquer this.)