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Prepare for a slight overload. Here are some pictures from an exhibition of Chinese folk painting that left me stunned: the details, the colours, the intricacy! Definitely not for the fans of zen and minimalism, but my tastes are eclectic, so I loved it. Hope you do too!

Yes, the style is traditional – but spot the modern detail!

I only wish you could see them in a bigger format: with patterned paintings like this one so much of the effect gets lost when you shrink them!

Same here – and believe it or not, spring in Hangzhou actually feels like this picture

Traditional Chinese wedding: so sweet!

This one feels so... home-like: the roosters, cottages and fences made me think of Polish villages!

Great layout and colours. Very sophisticated! (Yes, I use the word sophisticated to describe a picture of cattle)

Kind of... political? With a message? Or maybe not. Dunno.

This one's multicultural – and what great colours!

Chinese New Year theme: fish, fireworks and red lanterns with characters for "spring" etc.

Might have been painted in/just before the Year of the Ox

Drying peppers: love the colours and the composition – so simple!

Dragon and Phoenix. One word: awesome!

Finally, let's have a good look at this one and the next one.

You've got a mother with a small baby on a donkey, and the father is leading them through a desert. For me – a Catholic and a wanna-be art historian – the iconographic interpretation is clear: it's the Holy Family's flight to Egypt (iconographic – look at me, something's stuck in there after all! Sounds impressive, doesn't it?!). But can it really be? In a random exhibition of Chinese folk art? Food for thought: how what we already know impacts our understanding of what we see? (As an aside: this incident actually made me want to look into Chinese Christian art, which seems like a fascinating and under-researched subject)

And? What do you think?

Incidentally – no, it’s not that nice long post I prepared a few days ago and haven’t been able to publish. Still happily clicking on that one!