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I’m going to make an experiment. I will undertake to try out all of the weird snacks that fill the shelves of Chinese supermarkets: chicken feet, sweet beef candies, salty dried fruit – you name it. Today: part one.

If next time I post about having my stomach pumped, you’ll know the reason.

Peanuts plus marinated bamboo shoots. I love peanuts and I really like bamboo shoots, plus I always go out of my way to utilise food the way it was meant to be utilised – this includes cutting off the mouldy bits of bread crust and fruit and drinking suspiciously looking dairy products. Despite all of the above – this snack ended up in the bin. The shoots were marinated in some truly strange combination of spices I didn't care to inflict on my stomach...

The package said "sweet yellow croaker" and the ingredients list was as follows: croaker, sugar, salt, gourmet powder. Dried bits of fish plus sugar? Yummm...

Dried spicy beef-flavoured tofu. I'm sure you know there's nothing you can't make with tofu – so with all these endless possibilities... why did they went for this one? After the first bite I thought: it's actually really nice. After the second one: nope, it's not (to be fair, though, I'm not a huge fan of chilli peppers, so the tofu itself is probably blameless).

And – last but not least... This one I didn't actually buy, just took a sneaky photo of it in the supermarket. Because yes, I'm willing to try out new things and open to new experiences, but come on; I am not going to spend money on three slices of... tadadadummm, lo and behold – boiled potato!

Next time I’ll share some of my favourites – just so you know I don’t whine about everything. And I promise one day I’ll make my way to those duck necks they sell at the noodle stands!

PS: No, this still isn’t that nice long post I’ve been wanting to publish. I actually made a new draft and copied the contents and pasted all the photos again – still nothing. Maybe there’s something wrong with the photo files? Maybe I unknowingly violated some esoteric rules of blogging? The mystery continues…