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Yes, I promise, there’ll be just one more and after that I’m back to China for good. Till then please bear with me in my reminiscing and (hopefully) enjoy these images of Melbournian summer!

A couple in a park, admiring... a stack of stones with fake seals... (I like their matching poses and clothes – the couple's, not the seals')

A strip of pavement tiles with random stuff on them. Uplifting!

A designated babushka shop! I know, I know, I'm Polish and I'm supposed to hate all thing Russian: but babushkas are great things – and it's a great word too!


Oh, the clean-shaven breast of a Scottish warrior... I bet he's tough yet understanding, strong but gentle – and smells of Old Spice too! And the fainting princess on the second cover doesn't have pores in her skin!

Oh, why not: just one more of those beautiful houses I showed you the last time!

Melbournites obviously know their classic cinema

Yellow & Blue

Will you just look at all this goodness?! (Notice the brilliant wallpaper – but I know you'll be looking at the display...)

Just one tiny close-up...!

Not a huge fan of sweets – cakes and ice cream are my sin of choice – but these look lovely!

Yes, yes, I know it's bordering on confectionery obsession, but they all look so yum and pretty...

Sneaky shot from a park: the little girl was too small to practice martial art katas like her brother, but just big enough to start stretching and perfecting her balance!

An architectural detail...

*Casual* boxing classes or *casual boxing* classes?

It would be cool to have something like this on the wall of my house (if I had one, that is)

And last but not least: could anyone ever hate a city which has a Batman Avenue (AND a Batman Street too)? Could they?

What do you think? It’s always nice to find a bit of randomness wherever you go, isn’t it?