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Big day today, and all thanks to you, dear Readers. The number of my followers has officially reached a certain very nice and round number (no, not the one it says on the “Follow” button. I’m deducting all the Facebook crowd – yes, you know who you are, and I know you don’t really read it at all! – and taking into account only the real and dedicated WordPress followers. There’s a whole 50 of you now! Big thanks to you all and as a proof of gratitude – here’s a whole bunch of flowers for you to enjoy (I was going to post these soon anyway, but don’t you just love it when things come together?).

The pictures were taken a few weeks ago in Taiziwan Park. It just so happened that a group of us finished a Sunday hike there, right in the middle of the blooming season. I was virtually transported and went back a few days later in the (vain) hope of enjoying all this beauty in less crowded circumstances.

So prepare for some real flower power. If you think it’s too much, just think that I’m posting only about a tenth of all the pictures I took. Just like children, all flowers are beautiful – but unlike children, they never cry or poop. So it’s very difficult to ever get tired of them or to choose favourites.

Subtle beginnings – some forest flowers in the corner...

...then the cherry trees...

...then the madness begins.

I love tulips. They are some of my favourite flowers. Elegant without being pretentious.

And more and more of them!

Magnolias, on the other hand, are my favourite blossoming trees

There were also some irises

And whole swathes of other pretty things

And a whole lot of grape hyacinths, another favourite of mine (is that really the only English name for them? The Polish name – szafirki, little sapphires – sounds so much nicer)

And wildly smelling hyacinths

And even poppies – what luck to have caught them before they faded!

The wider perspective as nice as the close-ups

And then this bed, just before the exit

Hope this gives you at least an idea of what it was like for me!