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Today just a short post as I’ve spent most of the day staring at my screen and trying to edit some sense into a weird translation of a PPT presentation. This is the last one of the whole Social Awareness series – although there might be more in the future as I think I’ve seen some new billboards around the city (if I’m at all lucky, they’ll be saying “No Spitting”, “No Queue Jumping” and “No Excessive Honking).

I think it’s a piece of advice we can all profit from, don’t you? Especially when faced with sorting out phrases like “elegant packaging and bags to give a gift help you feel a decent person” – for the massive sum of money which is 250 yuan.

Incidentally: this one is big enough to see that all these pearls of wisdom have been bestowed on us by none other than Baby Luo – the Little Angel of Hangzhou Culture. Highly appreciated.