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Haven’t posted anything in a while now. It’s because I’ve been away, enjoying myself in a brilliant little village – but that’s a whole different story and I’ll tell you more about it later. Apart from that I’ve been having problems uploading pictures. So for now something quick, just to keep abreast. Here are two photos I took in the autumn.

Oops, didn’t realise it was that blurry. But anyway, the lady seemed to be in a bit of a rush, so I didn’t want to stop her to take a better shot. But as soon as I glimpsed her I stopped in my tracks and told myself “Quick! Get her! Get her!”. You might think she doesn’t look terribly outstanding, but let me tell you that she really stood out. The colours are bright and brave, but there’s not a speck of pink, lace or sequins on her, and she’s neither grey and frowzy nor looking like an overgrown eight-year-old on the way to a party. When I asked her if I could take a photo, because I think she looks very interesting, she said very surprised: “But it’s not fashionable at all!”. Who cares about fashion, she was just being her own person! All in all, this is probably the most unique ensemble I’ve seen here and I love it, warts and all.

For contrast:

This is a much more popular look, although usually it’s not as extreme. Lace, faux leather and shoes with flowers on them, all together. I took the photo and ran away, this girl was giving me the Freezing Stare of Death…