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This is just to tell you that I might disappear for the next few weeks. Okay, so maybe I haven’t been posting regularly these days – but that’s because of my vpn! Now I actually have a valid reason. I’m off travelling. Yes yes yes! As of this morning, I no longer live in Hangzhou. My room has been taken over, my stuff is either on the way to Poland, waiting to be picked up before I leave for good or on my back. I’m actually writing this from Nanjing, where I’m staying for one night with a Chinese couch surfer. I’ll be busy looking for hosts, sight-seeing, figuring out the details and being tired, so I don’t know when I’ll have the chance to blog – but I promise I’ll be back afterwards with heaps of photos and stories!

My route for now is: Hangzhou – Nanjing – Beijing – Xi’an – Chengdu – Chongqing – Guiling – Xiamen – Kinmen – Taipei. Sounds good, eh? Stay tuned!

And just so it can’t be said I forgot about the visual aids, a handful of randomness:

It wasn’t a boat.

“Bin” is not enough anymore.

…Very lofty for a toilet roll…

Okay, I know they are called cheeks, but this is a bit too much! (And no, these aren’t actually tissues…)

NO ONE knows where they’ve taken this from.