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I know you miss me. I would.

So, just to give you a little something to read till I come back properly – here are the links to (TARARARUM!) the three articles I’ve had published on a website called Matador. Yes, I got paid for them, too! All of 25 USD per piece. I’m rich and famous! Mwahahaha. Here they are:

A Westerner’s guide to Chinese drinking culture

15 hilarious animal sayings in Chinese

5 phrases you need for your next trip to China (w/ audio)

And as always, a few photos to sweeten parting’s sweet agony (I love myself when I’m being so stuck up, don’t you?). This time some pretty plants – the pics were taken in the autumn and spring (when it was much less hot than now and therefore wonderful!).

As for my travel – it’s going great, a lot of beautiful memories (some of them will make better memories than they made experiences, ha ha) and wonderful people, but I’m also getting a bit tired (mostly because of the long train rides). Back in Hangzhou on Sunday, than off to Xiamen for a few days and should definitely post something decent then, if not earlier!