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I’m almost done with my travels. Today around midday (and I was painfully aware of the fact that it was around midday, because I was trudging from the railway station to my flat with the backpack on my back and the only thing protecting me from the scorching glare of the sun was a flimsy and broken umbrella stolen from my flatmate weeks ago) I finally made my way back to Hangzhou. Oh, joy – home! Even though I’ve been evicted from my own room to the couch, I don’t mind it in the least as the new flatmates are as anal about the cleanliness of the common areas as I was (or in fact more).

The trip was great and unforgettable – so many places, people, so much kindness and beautiful memories. But I’m also really tired, since more or less every fourth night was spent on a train (hard seater again and again. This girl doesn’t believe in comfortable travelling…), and the ones in between would be disturbed by broken scooters, water pumps, playing children, cats or at the very least the stifling heat. I’d better use my two nights well, before I hit the final stage of my Mainland travel (Hangzhou – Xiamen) and then move on to Jinmen.

So you’ll have to wait a bit more for the photos from the trip – give me some time to upload and sort them out – and in the meantime enjoy some snaps from the past, while I take a good nap (I wanted to get a coffee on the way home. Imagine the look on my face when I stumbled into my local coffee shop, sweat literally streaming down my body, eyes barely managing to stay open, only to be told that “we’re sorry, but we can’t brew coffee today”. “Whaa… Whaaat?”. I must have seemed to have trouble grasping this concept, as the bartender continued patiently, as if explaining things to someone feeble-minded: “The coffee. Is not. Working. Today”. I was crushed and he must have seen it, because he seemed strangely sincere while apologising: “We’re very very sorry. What a horrible shame. Really sorry”. The bottom line is – I’m sleepy).

Remember when I went to Thames Town, the English village in Shanghai? It’s located at the last station of the line 10 metro. Almost no one lives there. It’s deep province. It’s a place where – as the colourful Polish phrase has it – dogs bark with their behinds.

Or is it?

So this is a quiet, rural suburb, Shanghai-style. I confess I was a bit awe-struck with all this grandeur. Fortunately there’s nothing so grand that a bit of silliness won’t bring it down a notch or two:

Rockerry Falls Toilet. Sounds as impressive as if it was Rockefeller’s own privy.

No climbing, swimming, stepping, no motor or non-motor vehicles – are we supposed to simply glide over the park? Just as long as we don’t litter, of course!