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In my last post I introduced you, my dear Readers*, to the little village of Lizhang, which lies in the Pujiang County. Today I return with some photos from the area (finally! What have you been doing all this time, hmm?! [Haunted look]  I was… erm, busy, yes, very busy. Doing what, pray?! [Looking around with wild eyes in the hope of escape] Erm… Well… Uhm, staying up late… playing board games… Enjoying my newly found Facebook freedom after months of firewall… erm, walking – yes yes, I do a LOT of walking here! Like, to the bar…**). Enjoy!

As you can see, it’s a pretty lovely spot of the Earth up there.

Lizhang lies somewhere down in that valley.

Shao Nu Feng. You could call it Maiden’s Peak in English. Yes, I suppose Lassie Peak is also a very apt translation if you’re from Scotland, but for a lot of us non-Scottish folks there can only be one association: Lassie Come Home.

This was sold on the top of the Lassie Peak. Apparently it’s a traditional local dessert, and they’re very proud of it. It was nice. It was cool. It was refreshing. It was, essentially, sweetened water with bits of bland jelly…

A tiny, deserted shrine on the top. Despite being a Catholic, I like Buddhist shrines for their smell of burning incense and the streaks of colourful molten candles. The ones like here, where hardly anyone comes to pray anymore, exude a sense of nostalgia.

Safety… excuse me, safety what? Ah, right. Safety caution. Obviously you guys care a lot about it, judging by the state of the plate.

Look down at the road up.

This whole area is where my friend grew up. He hiked in these mountains when he was a boy. So now, when they made them into a park, of course there was no way we were going to pay for the entrance. We sneaked up a side path, wandered cluelessly for about an hour, climbing trees and scrambling down sandy slopes, then discovered we were actually trying to find a way up… this rock. …Well, good luck with that.

Love the picture. So descriptive.

Lovely red rocks everywhere.

That’s how it looks from down below. Quite impressive, eh?

So that’s it from Pujiang for now. I might be back later with some photos from around the area, but basically we’re moving on for now. Back to the city, back to the big world. Over and out, Bumming Around is waiting for me!


* I know, I have these bouts of vaguely nineteenth-century, Brontesque/Austenesque turns of phrase. Usually it’s under the influence of the great writers of the age, but since this time it’s not, I can only assume I’m internalising it.

**Oh, yes, and it seems like I’m developing a habit of conversing with myself. Unhealthy? I call it a good discussion.