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You will remember (or not, more likely) the post I wrote about finding the very charming place which is the Hangzhou Grand Canal and which apparently no one ever mentions.

I’ve made it my business to change this sad state of things and so here’s a quick follow-up.

I think I mentioned, sometime in the early days of the blog, the uncanny ability of Chinese people to just pass out anywhere, anytime.

Looks like Sleeping Beauty’s castle. Or an epidemics.

A small fair at the end of the canal. Here – dried fruits and nuts.

A traditional Chinese sweet snack: sugared fruit: crab apples, hawthorn…

Or in this case – strawberries. Yum!

No decent fair can do without a merry-go-round.

Or cotton candy! Actually it makes me think of All Saints’ Day and November gloom, since when I was little on that occasion they would always sell it in front of the cemetery gate.

A pond must be a new addition, but yeah, sure, why not, it’s a nice touch.

And that’s it for now – but I’m still not done with the subject! There’s the umbrella museum. The traditional Chinese medicine museum. The knives museum. And lots of other stuff. Another time!