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Time for the last visit in Shanghai. Some snaps from around the centre. I can understand how people may think it’s big, characterless and noisy, but there’s a lot of life there, and a lot to do and to observe. Sure, occasionally you’d need to get away and breathe some fresh air, but if you’re a big-city person, I think you might do a lot worse than Shanghai.

Some shots from a tiny park on the way to… well, somewhere else: this man here was practising calligraphy on the pavement, using water instead of ink:


Cute notice on the lawn: “Baby grass is resting, please do not disturb”.IMG_5316

What I really like about China is the people dancing everywhere there’s any space available:


Very classy. I don’t suppose she’s actually aware of what it means – or maybe?IMG_5321Shanghai old (ish)…

IMG_5327And modern:


Another park, and inside: an… erm… a dating market for middle-aged and old people. I love the idea! Some guy came over to talk to me – how flattering! IMG_5434

Of course there was also a part for young people, where they were advertised by their parents, who would sit on the ground with the child’s profile and picture on a little card in front of them. I was told by someone that the young people in question do not necessarily appreciate it…IMG_5435

And on the way back by pure accident I bumped into an antique market:IMG_5565IMG_5568IMG_5571IMG_5567IMG_5570

And the last stop: only in Asia can a bar advertise itself like this and still get some custom – because despite all the reputed downsides (not bigger than in any other place) it brings people together. And sometimes that’s all you need.
IMG_5585So that was my last adventure with Shanghai. Let’s see if I ever get a chance to go back!