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Today was supposed to be about the Summer Palace in Beijing, but in the end I’ve decided to be very high-brow and present to you some works by an artist named Zhang Leiping.

I saw her exhibition in the Shanghai Art Museum and was very impressed with her paintings inspired by the mountain landscapes of China. What I like the most about them is the mixture of traditional ink painting with the modern abstract style, and the fact that despite the abstract forms (sometimes more, sometimes less pronounced) the landscape inspirations are still so clearly visible.









IMG_5383After seeing the exhibition I went home to my Ganma and Ganba and told them about how much I liked it. Ganba (who is himself a well-known traditional painter) commented dismissively: “Oh yes, her. She’s the wife of the mayor. That’s probably why she got the exhibition in the first place”. Well, apparently my standards are lower. But then again maybe her style is not quite applicable to the traditional Chinese standards. Or maybe the fact that she’s the wife of someone important works against her and people don’t respect her because they think she wouldn’t get where she is if it wasn’t for connections? A reasonable assumption not only in China, but I fear in some cases it deprives some people of the credit they actually deserve… Be that as it may, I really enjoyed her paintings, and I hope you do too.